Meet Deb
The Relationship and Communication Maven who gets you talking, sharing and loving again in Trailblazing Relationships

So who is Deb Dutilh, The Relationship and Communication Maven, and how do you pronounce her last name?

Let’s get the pronunciation out of the way so we can head straight into the more intriguing details about what I do and how I can help you.
Dutilh sounds like this: dew-teal.
  live_life2Bold, spirited and adventurous I traveled to France at 23 to study French. For some quirky reason I enrolled in a Spanish class where I met the man who would become my husband. We were opposites in nearly every way. He loved the mountains and I thought altitude was the Santa Monica Park overlooking Pacific Coast Highway and the beach. I grew up in a traditional suburban tract home in sprawling Los Angeles and he was born in a 400-year old house of stone in the center of a town of 4000 known for its natural salt thermal baths. He was Catholic, I was Jewish. I’d traveled and he’d barely been out of his zip code. About the only thing that we had in common other than our shared values was our astrological sign. We were both Scorpios with a grand total of 57 hours difference in age. Yet we knew that with our deep love anything was possible.
Fast forward through loving, living, working, playing, raising two magnificent sons, and having an enviable lifestyle in the eyes of many. In spite of my husband and I loving each other deeply and our marriage appearing solid from the outside, deep inside I felt unfulfilled and sad, trying to make things work and feeling that I was not living up to my potential. After 27 years we divorced amicably, with dignity and integrity. We felt that we would always be united through our children and grandchildren. Following my divorce, I moved to London for a year before returning to Los Angeles.
Then, upon returning to Los Angeles, I was delivered the devastating news: My ex-husband had brain cancer and he reached out to me, once again completely changing the dynamics of our relationship, our post-divorce family and my own life.The emotional upheaval and sense of loss from my divorce and leaving Europe, combined with recreating a new life stateside put me into a tailspin of emotional pain, confusion and despair. This took me on a deep soul searching journey to reclaiming myself and discovering what it takes to live a fulfilling, joyous and happy life in the midst of everything else around me crumbling.
You all know how precious life is and how it can all change in a heartbeat, often leaving us with that uncomfortable sense of bewilderment and longing because we never got that last chance to have the last conversations with someone we loved. I am blessed because I got that last chance to have those conversations with him and say good-bye with serenity. Death taught me how to forgive myself, my ex-husband and our relationship, how to truly love unconditionally without limits and how to let go. I want my last compassionate conversation with my ex-husband to be the cherished conversation that you have now in your all relationships. No one should have to learn life and love lessons from Divorce and Death if they don’t have to. If you’re ready to stop settling for the mediocre and start experiencing the joyous passionate trailblazing relationships you deserve and dream of with yourself and with your partner, then don’t wait any longer!
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Professional details and more random facts
With over 30 years of international experience in teaching and personal development, I’ve accumulated a fair amount of alphabet soup to put on any business card. I am a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), recognized as the leading and most comprehensive Coach Training School in the world, and have also completed extensive training to become a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Assessment known as The Compatibility Index. I am also a Certified NLP Life Coach and Practitioner. While living in France I directed a 24/7 Suicide Crisis Line and in both London and France I worked as a vocational trainer for adults with physical and/or learning disabilities. As a Teacher of English I have worked with all ages, categories of people and cultures you can imagine. No wonder, I love anything and everything about “Communication!” It’s no surprise then that I’m also a seasoned Toastmaster, speaker,and lover of an eloquently turned phrase! Some of the lighter details: I’m an accomplished artist, translator of a book in Perennial Philosophy, practice yoga, health and wellness, mother of two grown sons, and lover of wine and all things French and Italian, and enjoy living it up near the beaches in Los Angeles.